New Project: Queer and Disabled: Stories from the Intersection

Queer and Disabled: Stories from the Intersection

Menlo College Professor of Political Science Melissa R. Michelson is interested in discussing the experiences of LGBTQIA+ folks who are also members of the disability community. Queer and disabled bodies are often seen as violations of natural masculinity and femininity. They are both often hidden identities, and members of these communities share histories of exclusion and stigma.

If you would be willing talk about your personal experiences related to these themes, either in a telephone conversation or even via email, please contact Dr. Michelson at or at 650-888-4810. Interview questions will explore the various aspects of these intersecting identities, including accessibility, representation, fetishization, pride, coming out, and isolation.

All information shared will be kept confidential and no real names will be used in the resulting paper describing her findings.

You can learn more about Dr. Michelson and her research at her website:

Please share this message to all those who may be interested or may know someone who is.

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